Starting a House call practice can cut overhead by up to 80 percent

[BLOG] The Low Overhead Practice: How House Calls Can Save You Thousands

Seven years ago I was completely burned out in practice. I was sick of working 11-hour days, 6 days a week, and chasing tiny reimbursement checks that paid me pennies on the dollar after waiting 3 months.

I fell out of love with being a doctor, and I knew something had to change.

This wasn’t the practice I envisioned. This wasn’t the life I had planned. I knew there had to be another way.

So I decided to start a House Call Practice…

And with that one decision, 80% of my overhead and expenses went away...


House Call Practice Revolution - Mobile Bike Shop Concept

[PODCAST] Changing the World... One Mobile Bike Shop at a Time

When Chris Guillemet realized his bike would be sitting in the shop for at least a week, he knew something had to give.

As an avid marathon runner and triathlete, Chris couldn't afford the inconvenience and wait time that's expected in a typical bike shop. So he combined his business acumen and love of cycling with his business partners to create a business model where cyclists can have the bike shop come to them.

Insert Velofix.

Launched in Vancouver, BC, Velofix is now growing across North America as a fleet of mobile bike shops offering premium, expert service anywhere a customer needs them.

If you want to learn how to build a thriving house call business, listen in to this podcast as Chris shares the evolution of Velofix from an innovative idea for going the international brand it is today.

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Starting a House call practice - at home chiropractic - building a unique house call practice

[PODCAST] Building a House Call Practice That Stands Out

Ryan DesJardins, Co-Owner of PDX At Home Veterinary Services, came on to the podcast talk about how to start and build a house call practice that stands out.

He and his wife, Dr. Louise Mesher, DVM, took the leap to make their house call practice full time in 2010, and within one month, it skyrocketed!

They turned a part-time venture into a thriving team of house call veterinarians and technicians providing care for pets throughout the Portland area and being the go-to experts in giving pets a better quality of life.

How did they do it?

By doing what no other practice was...
Focusing on how they’re different. Providing a level of care that offered comfort and compassion in a pet’s own environment. Knowing exactly who they are and the type of patients they wanted to attract.
And focusing all of their efforts into that vision.
So if you’re looking for a different way to practice and a different way to care for your community, you've gotta check out this podcast...

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Experiences of Starting a House Call Practice from a Real Life House doctor

[PODCAST] Insights from the Real Life "House" Doctor

With the fast-paced nature of modern life and modern medicine, Dr. Michael Farzam already knew, during his residency, that the paradigm for patient care had to change.

Dr. Farzam started and built his house call practice on the premise that every patient deserves the luxury and security of a concierge physician who visits them wherever they are.

He and his team visit patients at home, at the office, a hotel room, or nearly any other environment where they feel most comfortable.

Learn why Dr. Farzam is fondly known as the real life "House" by some of his patients and the impact he's making by giving care to those how don't have the time, access, or option to go to the doctor.

His story is truly the power of house calls at work...

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Starting a house call practice - at home chiropractic or home health care business - Step-by-step guide

[BLOG] How Do I Start a House Call Practice

Starting is always the hardest part! Making the decision to build a house call practice or incorporate house calls into an existing practice comes down to recognizing an opportunity.

The opportunity to build more streams of revenue, work fewer hours and still make a good living, or have new freedom and flexibility in your life. The definition of opportunity is different for everyone.

So when health and wellness professionals consider starting a house call practice or home health care business, the first question that typically comes to mind is, “where do I start?”

The house call practice model is gaining attention because it offers professionals a way to build a health practice with less start-up, less overhead, more time with patients, and more revenue.

This offers instant curb appeal, and this model can be applied to any of these situations:
  • You have your own practice.
  • You work for someone and want to start your own practice.
  • You’re a new grad and looking for the best way to start your career.
The key is knowing how to incorporate house calls effectively to your specific practice situation and industry.
Check out this blog, where I map out the key ways to get started based on your specific situation...


Starting a House call practice - Changing seniors lives with house call doctors, chiropractics, and Health & wellness professionals

[PODCAST] Changing Seniors' Lives with House Calls

Dr. Tim Fox and his company, Fox Rehabilitation, are founded on the idea of one important concept...

helping people reclaim their lives.

Understanding the challenges that patients may have leaving their home to receive care, Dr. Fox reinvented how people receive physical, occupational, and speech therapy by bringing care right into their homes.

Learn how Fox Rehabilitation is able to offer better assessments and better outcomes for their patients through house calls in this powerful interview.

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The House call doctor - Putting patients first with house call practices

[PODCAST] Putting Patients First Again with House Calls: The House Call Practice Program

After 4 visits to the doctor with nothing but long waits, high deductibles, and no answers, Thompson Aderinkomi knew that no one should deal with the challenges he and his family faced trying to get care for their son.

Using his business acumen and patient perspective, Thompson founded RetraceHealth, a Minnesota-based service that provides primary care to patients in the comfort of their homes.

Learn how Thompson and his team are breaking the mold to give patients the quality time and care they deserve.

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Starting a House Call Practice - Do they work? At home Chiropractics, house call doctors and health & wellness professionals

[BLOG] Will a House Call Practice Work in My Area?

This question comes up often because of a variety of pre-conceived notions and myths floating around about house calls.

Some may suggest that house calls are only for the wealthy and may only work in a large metropolitan area. On the opposite side, others may think house calls harken back to days gone by and are too “small town” for a big city.

So in this blog, I’ll debunk some myths and show you what you should really focus on, so you can decide if a house call practice is right for you, no matter where you live.


House Call Practices give you the power of choice

[PODCAST] The Power of Choice to Create What You Want: Freedom with a House Call Practice

There’s this saying that perception is reality. That the way we perceive the world is a huge part of the world we actually create..

So the question I want to pose to you is how do you perceive your world?

Is it full of fear, doubt, questions, uncertainty? Is it hard for you to accomplish what you want? Do you feel like you never get to where you want to go? Do you always feel behind or in a rush? Do you feel like you never get done what you wanted to? Are you quick to react? Easily stressed?

Or do you feel like it’s full of potential? Or do you feel steady? In control of your emotions and your thoughts? In control of your plan…goals you want to accomplish…milestones you want to achieve?

Because that ultimately impacts the way we shape our reality…the results we get…the lifestyles we achieve…the practicewe create...and our overall happiness.

In this podcast, I'll talk about how to use the "power of choice" to your advantage, so you can build a practice you love...

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Massive profits for House Call Doctors, At Home Chiropractics, and House Call Practices for Health & Wellness Professionals

[PODCAST] Explosive Profits in 5 Months with a House Call Practice

In a few years of starting her career, Dr. Jessica Allen has transformed her vision from working in a high-pressure practice that left her frustrated... building a profitable house call practice in just 5 months!

Learn great insights on how she recognized what wasn't working in her career, what she wanted to change, and how she wanted to make it happen.
Dr. Jessica's house call success has allowed her treat patients the way she wants to, make significantly more than working in a conventional practice, and "be the most in love with life" that she's ever been.

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Success of at home chiropractics and house call doctors in starting a house call practice for health & wellness professionals

[PODCAST] Feeling the Fear and Doing It Anyway

After multiple jobs that didn't live up to his expectations, Dr. Brandon Wilson was full of fear and left thinking, "what's next?"

When Dr. Wilson came upon the idea of doing house calls, it really intrigued him.
"I began to think of how it was so much different than the typical clinic setting. You get to stay in the comfort of your home. No going anywhere, dealing with traffic and sitting in a waiting room, only to be seen for 5 or 10 minutes. With a 30 minute visit, it allows me to spend the time my patients need to get better faster".

When Dr. Wilson came upon the idea of doing house calls, it really intrigued him.

Dr. Brandon started his house call practice with minimal investment AND STARTED SEEING PATIENTS in 2 MONTHS! His friends and colleagues couldn't believe it.

Hear this doctor's inspiring story of how house calls changed the entire direction of his life and trusting in himself, rather than letting fears take hold.

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House call practices with six figure incomes

[PODCAST] From Burnout to a Six-Figure House Call Practice

Dr. Jen Faber shares her story of escaping the burnout and stress of a high volume practice to building a successful six-figure practice with house calls!

Done feeling trapped by the typical way of high volume practice, Dr. Jen broke free and grew a house call practice that gave her more freedom, more income, and the lifestyle she craved.
Now Dr. Jen wants to show others the way and is on a mission to show health and wellness professionals the freedom that's possible to take business anywhere with house calls.

Insert her brainchild, the House Call Practice, to show you exactly how to build your practice with house calls...

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The 5 Shifts from Burnout to Six-Figure Practices

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Discover The 5-Step Strategy My Clients Use to Build a Six-Figure Practice WITHOUT Working 12-Hours a Day or Spending Thousands on Overhead