"How to Make a Living with House Calls"

Learn the step-by-step formula to build a house call practice. Work less, save thousands on overhead, attract ideal patients that will pay more, and offer premium care everyone will talk about.


Video #1: The Low Overhead Practice 

A new method to build a low-stress practice without financial risk. Slash costs, increase rates, and save thousands in overhead to start making money in practice instantly. Plus, how this model gives a competitive edge to stand out.

Video #2: The Profit Path 

Discover the 4 reasons people will gladly pay more for house calls (no matter the location). And the secret to increasing rates 2-3x more for your care...while removing long 12-hour days forever.

Video #3: House Call Blueprint 

Get an entire strategy to build a house call practice in 90 days, complete with a downloadable guide to follow. Plus learn exactly how to market house calls to attract ideal patients that will refer others over and over.c

Hi! I'm Dr. Jen.

Creator of the House Call Practice Program

2009 was the year that changed everything. Burned out from two years in a high-stress associateship, I was ready to leave my patients and my profession.  

I realized that I needed to build a practice that was the exact opposite of what I just left.

A practice with low overhead, more time with patients, less stress, and the freedom to break away from the confines of a practice…

And house calls were my answer.

After a lot of trial and error, I developed the right systems and methods to build a six-figure house call practice working 4 hours a day.

Fast-forward 11 years later, I've now had the pleasure of coaching over 8,000 health professionals. I’m humbled and honored to be leading the charge…

To share my knowledge and experiences with you, to help you break free from feeling stuck...

And to show you the awesome freedom of a house call practice.

See you in the training!

Dr. Jen Faber, DC


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