How I Built a Six-Figure Practice with House Calls

Learn the formula to work less and make more with house calls. No more 12-hour days or spending thousands in practice.


This Free 3-Part Video Training Will Show You:

You'll discover how the house call practice model can transform your practice from stress to freedom, by doing completely the opposite of a brick and mortar practice. 

Video #1: The Low Overhead Formula 

Discover how to build a low overhead practice with house calls, so you can save thousands every month and make money in your practice instantly.

Video #2: Build a Cash House Call Practice

Learn how to charge for house calls and why people will gladly pay you more directly, so you can have a 100% cash practice and eliminate the stress of insurance. 

Video #3: House Call Practice Blueprint

Get the exact step-by-step strategy I used to build my six-figure house call practice working only 4 hours a day and how to book your practice in 90 days.

Bonus Download

Register for this free training now and I'll give you my pdf download of my House Call Practice Blueprint - a complete overview of how I built a six-figure house call practice working less than 4 hours a day! 

Download accompanies Video #3.

About Dr. Jen: Founder of the House Call Practice Program

I help freedom-seeking health professionals break away from the stress of high volume and high overhead to build a blissful house call practice that allows you to work less, make more, and treat better.  

2009 was the year that changed everything. Burned out from two years in a high-stress associateship, I was ready to leave my patients and my profession. I was also completely broke.  

I quit my job because I knew I didn’t fit in a typical practice, but then the question was…where did I fit?  

Everything changed when I realized that I didn’t have to do what everyone else was doing. I didn't have to see patients every 3 minutes and spends thousands a month on overhead.

 I didn't have to follow the path to the “right way” to build a practice.  

I realized…that if I didn’t want that…I needed to build a practice that was the exact opposite of what I just left.  

A practice with low overhead, more time with patients, less stress, and the freedom to break away from the confines of a practice…  

…and have a life!  

The House Call Practice model fit with exactly what I wanted. And while no one else was running a health practice this way at the time, I knew house calls were the perfect thing for me.  

So I turned off the naysayers and the doubts in my head, and went for it.  

I took risks. I messed up. And after a lot of trial and error, I developed the right systems and methods to build a six-figure house call practice working only part-time. 

Fast-forward 10 years later, I’m humbled and honored to be leading the charge. I'm proud to now say that thousands of freedom-seeking health professionals have gone through my various trainings and I've personally coached hundreds of peers on how to build thriving house call practices.

I'm honored to share over a decade of my knowledge and expertise with you, to help you break free from feeling stuck, and to share the freedom and impact that house calls have given me.  

Much love,

Dr. Jen