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In 2009 I was a burned-out chiropractor exhausted by the high-volume model, spending thousands on overhead, and tiny insurance reimbursements that took forever to receive. It was a nightmare…stuck in a career I just barely started, student loans piling up and no idea how to get new patients. I was ready to quit.

Instead, I created a House Call Practice. I focused only on my ideal patients, who gladly paid more for my premium service. I had the freedom to spend more time with them and work part-time…making more than I ever had before. In the past 12+ years, I’ve helped thousands of health professionals launch and sustain their own house call practice. If you're ready to create a new life and practice, I'll show you how with House Calls.

Dr. Jen Faber, DC


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Are you a chiropractor or health care professional who’s tired of the way you’re practicing? Are you just starting out and already unhappy with the “traditional model” that’s not working? If you can feel your excitement, drive, and purpose as a doctor slipping away, it's time for a change - and fast!

My name is Dr. Jen Faber, DC, I help chiropractors and health professionals build a house call practice so they can practice with more freedom, income, and happiness. I show them how to build a practice around the premium service of house calls, focused exclusively on attracting their ideal patients.


…Feel crushing stress and pressure with high overhead.

…Want to make more money as a doctor, but don’t know how.

…Feel frustrated you don’t know how to attract more patients.

…Don’t know how to stand out in your area.

…Want to start your own practice but don’t know where to start.

…Feel lost and confused about where you fit in your profession.

…Want more control in how you practice (and how much time you spend.)

If you feel like a square peg in a round hole and no one “get’s you” and how you’re feeling about your practice…I can help because there is another way.

I created the House Call Practice Program to guide you step-by-step on how to launch and grow your own House Call Practice. I give you everything you need to attract your ideal patients, give them a premium service, charge 3-4x your current rate, automatically grow your referrals, while working part-time hours.

Life-Changing Experiences...

Health and wellness professionals just like you are seeing massive success in their practices.  

"This week was my highest earning week in my house call practice. I worked 10 hours and made more than what I would have made working 60 at my 'job'."

 - Dr. Cory 

"Health care has always been a passion of mine but I couldn't see myself working for someone else. Finally, a way to practice the way I want and that feels right! Let get our hands dirty and build the practices of our dreams! 

- Dr. Kristen S. 

The conventional model of practice is business based... not patient based. I have been craving increased connection and better relationships with my patients for years, unfortunately the brick and mortar model doesn't really allow for that. To look a patient in the eye and really, truly be able to connect and make recommendations based out of honor, respect, mutual understanding and LOVE ....wow... unbelievable!"

- Dr. Chris B.

"Your program is the most complete I've ever seen. I've just booked 10 new house call patients in one day because of your marketing systems!"

- Dr. Jessica A.

"I no longer want to be limited by convention and continue doing things the way everyone else is doing them. I want to be different and stand out. The health care system is in shambles, but it is huge. So while I cannot change the system, I can do something different in my community in terms of the patient experience and the results they can achieve. But the real value of my services is in the results that are possible because I am able to spend more time with my patients without interruption. This all makes House Calls a much more enjoyable experience."

- Dr. J. Michael

"With your coaching, I'm fine-tuning my practice into a business model that makes my heart sing."

- Dr. Frederick T.

"Discovering you was like a tipping point. Keep up the amazing work and keep changing lives."

- Dr. Michael F.

"I started his house call practice with minimal investment AND STARTED SEEING PATIENTS in 2 MONTHS! I began to think of how it was so much different than the typical clinic setting. You get to stay in the comfort of your home. No going anywhere, dealing with traffic and sitting in a waiting room, only to be seen for 5 or 10 minutes. With a 30 minute visit, it allows me to spend the time my patients need to get better faster". 

- Dr. Brandon W.

About Dr. Jen Faber, DC

Creator of the House Call Practice Program

Dr. Jen Faber, DC is the Original House Call Chiropractor and Founder of the House Call Practice Program. She is a Mindset & Performance Coach, Athlete and Best-Selling Author who has been working with clients and patients for 16+ years in over 7 countries. She’s been featured on CBS, CW, TalentCulture, Project Happiness, FierceCEO and iHeartRadio.

Throughout her career, she has helped individuals from Microsoft, NFL, Lady Gaga Tour, Broadway Performers, The Kennedy Center, Motley Fool, and National Geographic. Dr. Jen has spent over 20 years as an expert in mind-body wellness, psychology, neurology and health. She is a Doctor of Chiropractic and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from the University of Wisconsin.

She was a Research Fellow in Motivational Psychology in the fields of intrinsic motivation and high performance, and post doctorate training in Modern Applied Psychology, Positive Psychology Coach, Resilience Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Through her multiple books, she is a Best-Selling author in Sports Coaching, and the #1 New Release in Stress Management, Mid-Life Management, and Personal Success. She’s also the host of the Mindset & Performance Show on Triathlon Media Channel (TMC.) Dr. Jen was named by Longevity Media as one of the Top 10 Wellness Leaders to Watch.