There’s a
private practice model

that no school or practice management group
will teach you.

It’s a simpler path. A smarter path. A modern path…

That is revolutionizing our entire industry and will set your practice apart.

And it’s a path that will give you the freedom to break away from 12-hour shifts, red tape of insurance, and the crushing debt of a brick-and-mortar practice.

  • Imagine a practice where you can spend more time with your patients...
  • Make money in weeks, 100% cash...
  • Low (I mean really low) overhead...
  • With a high-profit model...
  • Working with patients you love...
  • Practice part-time and make time for your life outside of practice.
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Meet Dr. Jen

House Call Practice Coach
Founder of the House Call Practice Program

You are here for a reason.

The high volume world has made you feel boxed in, trapped by the hours, the low pay, and the stress.

I'm here to tell you that there is a path for you, where you can practice the way you want, care how you want, and have a life outside of practice.

I'm humbled to share that for over a decade I've been leading the charge of the House Call Practice Revolution.

My passion is to be a fierce advocate for you, my fellow freedom-seeker, and show you a new way to practice that can give you absolute bliss.

My House Call Journey
Free Webinar for Burned Out Health Professionals

5-Step Strategy to Build a Thriving Private Practice WITHOUT Overhead, Stress, or Debt

Learn the formula to work less and make more with house calls. No more 12-hour days or spending thousands in practice.
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You're going to discover how to...

  • Build a six-figure practice without the pressure of having to see 100's of patients a week, even if that seems impossible right now.
  • Generate high-paying, cash patients and never have to deal with the red tape of insurance.
  • Create a profitable practice model that puts money in your pocket in Month 1...not waiting years to get out of the red.
  • Earn 2-3x more per appointment than your competitors, while spending more time with your patients and providing quality care.
  • Grow a practice fast, without spending thousands on marketing, or grinding out endless blogs, social media, posts, ads, and screenings that you really don't want to do.
  • to do all of this WHILE freeing up your schedule, spending more time with your family and friends, and finally take the vacation you've been putting off for years.
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