I'm excited that you're interested in the House Call Practice Program, the online training for health and wellness professionals who want to break away from a conventional practice...

My mission is to empower you to spend more time with your patients, have a practice with virtually no overhead, make more doing the work you love, all to have a practice and a lifestyle that you deserve.

Whether you're currently working for someone else, already have your own practice, or a new grad looking for new options, I'm here to show you that a thriving, stress-free practice is waiting for you, and house calls can be the way to build everything you've imagined.

After training countless health and wellness professionals in North America, Europe, and Australia, on how to build a successful house call practice, I hope you give me the opportunity to do the same for you.

It's a joy to be a part of your journey.


About Dr. Jen Faber

Founder of the House Call Practice Program

"I am here to be a fierce advocate for you, my fellow freedom-seeker, and to show you a new way to practice that can give you absolute bliss."

On Longevity Media's list of the "Top 10 Wellness Leaders to Watch," Dr. Jen was done feeling trapped by the typical path to building a practice, so she broke free and figured out how to grow a six-figure house call practice that gave her more time, less stress, and the freedom she craved.
She has spend the past eight years building the right systems specifically designed for house call practice and has been featured in Chiropractic Economics and Circle of Docs for her innovative house call practice model that is revolutionizing our industry.

So...What is the

House Call Practice Program?

This 12-week online training program is designed to give you a full step-by-step plan to launch your house call practice.
The core curriculum is based on the "4 Pillars of House Call Practice," including training on practice setup, scheduling, fees, marketing, practice management, patient retention and much more.
So you can have a practice where you can do the work you love and have a life at the same time.

House Call Practice Program


The House Call Practice Program's comprehensive curriculum is designed to give you the full step-by-step system to plug into so you can launch your practice in and starting seeing patients in just 90 days.

There are four core learning Modules, plus a dynamic library of Foundational Training and Advanced Bonus Trainings. When you’re making an investment in your practice, it’s important to know what you’re getting. That’s why we share our exact curriculum — so you can make sure this program is right for you.
Click the tabs below to discover exactly what you'll learn in each module.

Foundation Training
Build the Vision for Your House Call Practice

  • LIFESTYLE DESIGN: You’ll learn how to design your house call practice around your lifestyle so you have a concrete plan to work less and make more, plus you’ll learn how to customize house calls to your situation, whether you want to start your own practice or grow your existing practice.
  • YOUR WHY: Learn how to build your entire practice around your purpose, so you have clarity on your motivation and fuel to apply the strategies you'll learn in the House Call Practice Program..
  • UNCONVENTIONAL PRACTICE: Learn how to combine your experiences with a new perspective and embrace how the house call model breaks the mold in how to build a successful practice.
  • BUSINESS MODELS: The key to getting started is knowing how to incorporate house calls effectively to your specific practice situation and industry. This lesson will lay out the key ways to get started based on your specific situation, whether you want to incorporate house calls into your existing practice or are building a new practice.
Module 1: Practice Setup
How to Launch Your House Call Practice

  • LOGISTICS: Understand all the logistics you need to set up your house call practice, including name, business structure and licenses, insurance, and contact information, and how to do it all within a week.
  • SCHEDULE: Learn how to structure your house call appointments, build your mobile office hours, create your "house call zones," and apply cluster-booking so you have an efficient schedule and maximize on appointments.
  • HOUSE CALL FEES: Learn the formula to charge 2-3x more per appointment to set your fees and match your service in your specific area. Plus I’ll walk through 3 different fee structures that can be used in a house call practice.
  • MOBILE SETUP: Then you’ll learn how to setup your mobile office, and how to plan for house call appointments based on your services and approach. You’ll also going to learn how to setup your mobile office so it's fully portable.
Module 2: Marketing Systems
Create a Marketing Machine for Your House Call Practice

  • IDEAL PATIENT: Know exactly who your ideal house call patients are, where they are, and how to get in front of them.
  • HOUSE CALL TALK: Learn how to talk to people who’ve never heard of house calls before, how to do it in a way so you instantly stand out, and how to make it an "easy yes" for them to schedule with you.
  • MARKETING MESSAGE: Develop house call marketing messages that are specific to you and your practice.
  • HOUSE CALL SLOGAN: Once you understand this, I’ll teach you the house call slogan that’s been proven to be incredibly effective in any industry and any location and it will literally be able to sell house calls for you.
  • INSTANT REFERRALS: I’ll teach you my methods to effective meetings so you can secure house call referrals in 30 minutes and quickly build a network of referral partners.
  • MARKETING EVENTS: Get the secrets to standing out in marketing events, from setup to strategy, so you can schedule house call patients on the spot.
  • HOUSE CALL WEBSITE: Learn how to use online marketing so your website is a “house call hotspot” through creating opt-ins that generate leads and new patients so you can build your practice 24/7.
  • MARKETING ROADMAP: Plus, you’re going to get my 5-step marketing roadmap so you can map out a full marketing plan using all of these strategies to attract your house call patients…and you’ll be able to customize everything you learn for your practice.
Module 3: Sales Systems
Convert Interest into House Call Appointments

  • HOUSE CALL SALES CYCLE: Learn step-by-step how to guide your patients from the first time you meet them on day one, to becoming long-term wellness patients that refer.
  • SALES MINDSET: Know how to sell house calls and your services in a way that's authentic, easy, and 100%, so you draw patients to you..
  • CONSULTATIONS: Know how to use phone consultations to schedule new house call patients over the phone in 15 minutes or less.
  • QUESTIONS: Learn how to answer the top questions that patients have about house calls and how to turn hesitation and objections into selling points so patients see you as the perfect fit for them.
  • EMAIL MARKETING: Understand how to set up effective email marketing campaigns that will increase your conversion and get more appointments booked.
  • QUESTIONS: Learn how to answer the top questions that patients have about house calls and how to turn hesitation and objections into selling points so patients see you as the perfect fit for them.
  • SALES FUNNELS: Learn how to create multiple sales funnels to generate leads and convert interest into house call appointments.
Module 4: Practice Management
Systems to Run Your House Call Practice Automatically

  • DIGITAL PAPERWORK: Know how to make your house call practice 100% paperless to streamline patient paperwork and do charting in a just a few minutes in-between appointments.
  • ONLINE SCHEDULING: An absolute must-have for a house call practice, so you can easily schedule your patients anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
  • HOUSE CALL FEES: Learn the formula to charge 2-3x more per appointment to set your fees and match your service in your specific area. Plus I’ll walk through 3 different fee structures that can be used in a house call practice.
  • AUTOMATED BILLING: So you don’t have to worry about processing payments during appointments or trying to get paid for missed appointments and no-shows after the fact, and so your patients can just focus on their care.
  • COMMUNICATION: Learn how to automate your communication, so you can have followup messages, reminders, welcome emails, and confirmations…all taken care of.
  • POLICIES: Know the 8 house call policies you absolutely must implement so you can set the right expectations, environment and dynamic, which will create amazing house call patients.
  • AUTOMATED BILLING: So you don’t have to worry about processing payments during appointments or trying to get paid for missed appointments and no-shows after the fact, and so your patients can just focus on their care.
  • VIRTUAL FRONT DESK: Learn how to have integrate systems that run 24/7 for you and act like your "virtual front desk" for you house call practice. AND YOUR PATIENTS WILL LOVE THIS because you’ll still be communicating with them every step of the way.
  • VIRTUAL ADMIN: Plus, for anything that isn't automated, I'll teach you how to find and use a virtual assistant in your practice so you can delegate the admin work you don't want to do.
  • REPEAT APPOINTMENTS: Then we’ll cover the secrets to repeat appointments, from what to do in the initial appointment, to how to communicate in followup appointments, so you build a base of house call patients that are committed and refer.

How Does the Program Work?

Your training will be released in 4 modules within our private members-only website over the course of 12 weeks.
Each module is filled with step-by-step training videos, interactive action guides, resource lists, and down-for-you templates. You can access the training on any device, 24/7.
Our goal is to make your online learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.
Once you have graduated from the program, you'll have access to it for life.

Tired of long, confusing training for your practice? So are we.
That’s why we’ve broken down our core training into short, digestible videos. Each lesson is typically between 15-30 minutes long, so you easily learn, implement, and take action as quickly as possible without any overwhelm.

Each module is filled with step-by-step training videos, interactive action guides, resource lists, and down-for-you templates, so we've got you covered, whatever your learning style is. Plus you can access the training on any device, 24/7.


We’ve made it easy for you to log your progress so you can see exactly which trainings you’ve completed, and which ones you still have to do. This will help you stay motivated and on track to complete the program.

When you join, you get step-by-step support along the way. The House Call Practice Program has 3 built-in support features - (1) You can post questions and comments under any of the lessons. (2) With the program, you'll receive 3 group coaching calls. (3) Plus you'll get instant access to the our members-only Facebook group, so you can get support from your fellow house call practice peers.

When Do I Get Access to the Training?

When you register, you'll get instant access to the Foundation Training, followed by Module 1 the next day.
Then you’ll get access to one module every two weeks over the course of the 12-week program, and you will get emailed when the next module of the program is open. Then the advanced bonus trainings open up in week 10.
Because we know how easy it is to get overwhelmed these days, we provide enough time to both learn and digest the training, as well as implement it step-by-step.
If you have any other questions, read our answers to frequently asked questions below by clicking the "+" sign next to each question.


The House Call Practice Program is carefully designed so that you complete each Module and complete the corresponding action steps in order. The training is designed to build in a progression, releasing modules every two weeks will make sure you maximize your results and get long-term success.
Plus, this design will help you stay away from overwhelm and resist the urge to skip ahead, so you can complete the full program.
Absolutely. As a student, you’ll go through the course as it’s released over 12 weeks. But we also understand that you’re busy and may have to take a break.
So you don’t have to worry about "falling behind." Every student gets lifetime access to the House Call Practice Program.
Meaning you can revisit the training at any time.
You're covered! The House Call Practice Program includes support systems to guide you every step of the way.
BUILT-IN COMMENTS FEATURE: Under each program lesson, you can post comments and questions. This dynamic feature creates an interactive experience as you work through the program modules.
OFFICE HOURS: During the 12-week program, Dr. Jen holds (3) LIVE 60-minute office hours to help you work through any of your questions and keep you motivated and on-track. Dr. Jen will address all questions submitted in advance and during each call. If you can’t participate live, Dr. Jen will also record every call so you can listen and learn at your own convenience. *Please note that live group coaching calls are for new students to get coaching and support. Grads are welcome to listen in!
FACEBOOK GROUP: When you register, you'll get instant access to our private, members-only Facebook group, so you can work together with your house call practice peers.
100% YES! The house call model is designed to build a practice with low start-up and low overhead so you can avoid drowning debt and become profitable fast!
The program will give you the comprehensive training you need on building, marketing, and managing your house call practice successfully.
Absolutely! A number of program grads have integrated house calls into their existing practices. This can be used as an additional offering for current patients, a way to attract new patients, an additional income stream for your practice, and as a method to phase out of a practice and transition to house calls. This model can be molded to the vision for your practice.
You absolutely could…It’s just like when a chronic patient leaves care thinking they can take care of it themselves. They end up wasting time, not improving, feeling terrible, and they eventually come back to care.
So yes, you could use trial and error and spend months or years to figure it out yourself, or you could let me guide you on exactly how to do it, what mistakes to avoid, what works, what doesn’t, and why.
Ultimately, it’s your choice – do you want to spend time and effort figuring it out, or building your practice in a new way in just 90 days?
The difference is that there is no other program out there like the House Call Practice Program.
Other courses are focused on building a traditional practice like everyone else and will leave you struggling to apply what you’ve learned into a house call practice because it's a totally different ball game.
Our program is designed 100% for a House Call Practice and is based on all of the successful systems from almost a decade of experience on how to make this specific practice model successful, with a step-by-step strategy to do it all in 90 days.

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