"House Calls are Back: How to Take Your Practice Anywhere"


House Calls are Back: How to Take Your Practice Anywhere

If you want to take your practice anywhere with house calls, this book will give you an insider's perspective on what it’s like to have a house call practice.  

I share my journey of starting and building a house call practice, with lessons learned along the way.  

Learn how to build a house call business based on low volume, high-value, and ideal patients that refer, and get answers to how house calls can work in any situation, industry, or location.  

You'll discover:  

Top lessons in building a successful six-figure house call practice.

Learn why house calls are an easy "yes" for patients in any community.

Know how a house call practice can save you thousands of dollars in start-up costs and overhead.

Understand why people will pay more for house calls.

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Why I Wrote "House Calls are Back"

In 2009, I was told, "You're nuts. This will never work. People will want to use insurance. No one will pay more for house calls when they can go down the street."

I had just quit working in a high volume practice that drove me to the ground, and I was on the brink of a new venture. I knew the typical brick-and-mortar path didn't fit the free-spirit in me. 

A house call practice was the answer to how I wanted to care, serve, and live.

But despite my conviction, I had no one to turn to for answers. No mentors, no systems, no guidance. I stepped into my dream on a wing and a prayer hoping it would work, and shut the naysayers out of my life.

In that moment, when I felt completely alone on this venture, I realized two things:

One, I was going to build a practice that was authentic to me.

Two, I never wanted another health professional to feel alone like I did. I didn't want anyone else just trying to figuring it out, spend years on trial and error, or worse, listen to the critics and forget their own voice. 

I wrote "House Calls are Back: How to Take Your Practice Anywhere" to share my journey and lessons learned. Most importantly, I wrote it so that you know that you're not alone. 

I'm honored to share this book with you. It was years in the making, and I know you'll relate to my own journey and the struggles in it.

I also wrote it to inspire you. To show you what's possible with this beautiful way of practice and how house calls can give you the freedom and impact you've been dreaming of. 

I'm so grateful our paths have crossed and look forward to supporting your own house call practice journey.

Dr. Jen Faber