NEW EBOOK: Discover the 6 Steps to Building a Profitable Practice on Fewer Appointments Without Spending Thousands on Overhead

New EBook...

6 Steps to Grow Your Practice Faster with House Calls

Discover the 6 Secrets to Building a Profitable Practice on Fewer Appointments Without Spending Thousands on Overhead"


Inside You'll Learn:

  • How to start up your practice without taking on any debt, so you can actually make a paycheck.
  • The proven process to launch your practice and replace your income in your first 90 days.
  • How to make your practice instantly stand out so you don't have to spend countless hours and money marketing to get new patients.
  • How to design a practice that allows you to focus on your patients, not running your practice. 
  • How to actually make what you charge per appointment, and not a fraction of it.

About the Author: Dr. Jen Faber, DC

After building a six-figure house call practice working 4 hours a day, and helping over 5000+ health and wellness professionals to date, one of the biggest questions I still get is, “Can you REALLY build a practice on house calls?" 

I had the same question when I started in 2009, and the answer is 1000X YES! 

After over a decade of house call practice experience, I’ll outline exactly how you can quickly start and grow your own house call practice and why it's a lot easier (and less stressful) than typical practices, so you can have your own practice without the pressure or debt.  

The goal of this book is to discover the 6 secrets to the house call practice model, so that you can take complete control over how you practice, how much you work, how much you make, and how much faster you can grow your practice with house calls. 

You'll see how each step leads to the next, so you can understand how house calls can build a practice around how to work less, make more and treat better. 

My passion is to support health professionals like you, so you can break free from the stress of high volume and build a practice with more freedom. And to know that I am here to be a fierce advocate for you, my fellow freedomseeker, and to show you a new way to practice that can give you absolute bliss.

See you on the inside!

Dr. Jen


"Thank you for giving me something to wake up and be passionate about again!"

- Dr. Alexandra 

"No more brick and mortar for me. High value and greater freedom is what's on the horizon."

- Dr. Dustin

"Discovering you was like a tipping point. Keep up the amazing work and keep changing lives."

- Dr. Michael